• Wahyu Santoso Departement of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" East Java


The multidimensional perspective of ecological and social sustainable agriculture in the global agri-food system has resulted in the emergence of certification schemes as an important mode of governance, but there are still few agricultural actors in Indonesia who register for product certification and recertification. The purpose of this research is to analyze community perception in order to determine the development of Prima certified fruits in East Java. The sampling technique used quota sampling, with 5 people (25 percent), community leaders, 10 people (50 percent), and village heads or sub-district staff, as many as 5 people (25 percent), for a total of 20 respondents per research location. Descriptive analysis enabled by IBM SPSS software version 23 is used in this study. According to the research's findings, the Pasuruan Regency community views employment opportunities and the possibility for local and international markets as crucial factors in the development of Mango certified Prima. On the other hand, Kediri Regency residents primarily view the potential of local and export markets, as well as location-specific goods, as essential factors in the growth of Prima certified pineapple in Kediri Regency. As a result, the general opinion acquired as a capital to comprehend the social sustainability mechanism in the development of Prima certified fruits in East Java.


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